Testimonial 1


After 15 months

Lost 85 pounds with lifestyle changes, healthy nutrition and normalized my blood glucose without any pharmaceutical intervention for Diabetes. My HbA1c dropped from 9.8% (10-2011) to 4.8% (7-2012) with lifestyle changes, liver detoxification, positive attitude, and nutraceuticals   - F.M.

Testimonial 2

I write to recognize and honor my physician, Dr. Ashok Tripathy. Dr Tripathy has been my family physician for more than two decades. He provided guidance and nurturing for me and my daughters during my wife's fatal illness due to Huntington's disease in the late 80s and the 90s. My wife passed in 1997. During these trying years, Dr. Tripathy became more to my family than merely a health care provider; he became a caring and trusted friend. Over the years I have suffered two heart surgeries and a stroke. His service to my family has not been easy. Presently, he is providing support for my two daughters (ages 40 and 43), who are also victims of Huntington's disease. He also provides care for my present wife, Jacki, and her children. Dr. Tripathy's history is one of kindness, sympathy, and understanding. He is knowledgeable, conscientious, and always professional in providing medications and advice. Our doctor has always taken time to respond to questions we have. He continues to be a loving and critical influence in our dealing with our daughter's Huntington 's disease. My wife and I often speak about how fortunate we are to have this wonderful man in our lives. Dr. Tripathy's wife, Rhena, has also been a blessing to us, and is also a dear friend. She works with her husband in managing the clinic. She and the doctor have two beautiful girls.   - J.F.

Testimonial 3

A Humble Statement of Appreciation for the Care He Has Given My Family

The first time I heard the name of Dr. Tripathy was at a family gathering with my two adult step daughters. Rachael was so excited to tell her Dad & myself that Dr. Tripathy was practicing in the area. Rachael was excited because she trusted Dr. Tripathy as he took care of her mother Diana as she evolved in the struggle of Huntington's chorea. I knew from many conversations with Jim that his wife died with Huntington's and the girls were told at 16 years of age that they had a 50% chance of having the genetic brain disease. They chose not to be tested.

Jim and I married after having previous marriage's, wishing only good things for those in our extended families. Rachael convinced us that we should change our primary care doctor, and we did. The first time I met Dr. Tripathy I was surprised. He was able to give me information that coincided to my question. My questions always lacked sophistication. He never let me feel that I was a novice, reading simple women's magazine commentaries. I soon experienced that he was able to respond to me at my level. The other thing that struck me was his empathy.

As a Theatre Arts teacher I found his expressions were sincere and authentic.

My husband after losing his wife Diana to Huntington's, was foolish enough to take on myself with two teenagers and what that meant is that Dr. Tripathy saw Julia & Jesse through meningitis shots, infectious mononucleosis, simple upper respiratory infections, sleep apnea and depression. I am able to tell co-workers & friends about a neuro-transmitter test that isn't covered by insurance but worth a million dollars to a family with genetic depression. No one cares about the fact that I couldn't work for 2 years, but due to Dr. Tripathy diagnosing me with Adrenal Fatigue I do care, and am presently working full time with precious young teens.

Today Julia & Jesse at 23 & 25 are doing well trying to grow up and know strongly what it means to have a doctor who honestly cares.

When I have an appointment like today due to an unimportant muscle ache, Reena and Dr.Tripathy ask about Rachael and Kathy, my step daughters and Jim's daughters. They suffer from Huntington's chorea and at age 40 and 43, live in a nursing home like their mother did.

I have experienced many doctors. One of many memories with doctors is the one that has stayed with me. I am quite visual as a theatre teacher and one of my many negative doctor visits, is of a doctor in a pinstripe suit.

I tried to explain my condition at the time and while I was speaking he looked at his lapel and flecked off something. I imagine it was a slight piece of dust or a crumb. I felt invisible- if you think of the North Pole and South Pole this doctor and Dr.Tripathy were polarized. Since I have a pleasant memory of Santa Claus living at the North Pole I placed Dr.Tripathy in that position but truth be told, if the South Pole is warm that is where you will find Dr. Ashok Tripathy.

The greatest compliment I can give Dr.Tripathy is to thank him for his intellect and heart.

We have been through so much but Dr. Ashok Tripathy has been there through the entire journey.

We are so fortunate!

With sincerity and so much gratitude   - Jacki Bynum-Finley