Aging is the progressive failure of metabolic processes in our body. Our hormones do not decline because we age, but we age because our hormones decline. Traditional Medicine focuses on treating the effects of the aging process while anti-aging medicine focuses on treating or preventing the causes of aging. Anti-aging medicine is a “medicine” which combines traditional principles with current medical, scientific & technological advances. Aging is probably a combination of causes- “The free Radical theory,” “The Neuro-endocrine Theory,” “Telomere Theory of Aging” & other causes such as “Glycation”.

Free Radicals are a byproduct of metabolism (burning food to produce energy for our cells) analogous to toxic fumes produced by an automobile or a factory. It causes damaging effects within our cells, primarily the mitochondria which are the energy power plants of the cells. The Neuro-Endocrine theory emphasizes the decline of majority of our hormones in the body thereby causing the symptoms and manifestations of aging. These can be improved and corrected with balanced natural or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The Telomere Theory states that the telomeres which are the end segments of our DNA are lost each time a cell divides and when enough of these are lost, the cell cannot reproduce. When cells cannot reproduce, a given tissue cannot be replenished and this causes aging of our tissues and our entire body. Running out of telomeres is one of the causes of aging. Glycation implies glucose that accumulates in our tissues causes cross-links in proteins, enzymes and cell membranes, which leads to loss of function of our cells. We can control tissue glucose levels by eating hormonally correctly, which includes favorable carbohydrates, favorable proteins and favorable fats. Future anti-aging treatments may include gene manipulation, stem cell replacement and an array of new trends & technologies.

Anti-Aging Program:

Our Anti-Aging program is based on scientific knowledge, prevention & optimizing health for that individual who is committed to take charge of their health & well being. We focus on disease prevention, by providing a thorough evaluation using comprehensive diagnostics & from the information provided on the patient’s health history form. We work with our patients to implement a customized program that consists of various science-based treatments that reduce cellular degeneration, promote tissue regeneration and healing, as well as slow down the aging process. We work with the primary care physicians and other medical professionals to provide the optimum in integrated care.

Our Anti-Aging Program emphasizes three areas of interest, which enables us to understand and customize to an individuals optimal health:
  • Anti-Aging Medical Assessment
  • Therapeutic Lifestyle changes program
  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Program
Anti-Aging Medical Assessment:

Thorough review of symptoms, past medical history, family history, lifestyle preferences & nutritional intake.M

Comprehensive work-up - may include blood testing, salivary or urinary analysis, EKG, Treadmill stress testing, Spirometry; referrals for colonoscopy, bone density, mammograms, ultrasounds etc.

Follow-up appointment to review test results & institute a personalized treatment plan.

Blood, saliva or urine analysis are repeated frequently to ensure that the bio-identical hormones stay in optimum balance.

Additional Anti-Aging Information (PDF Forms)

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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  • For menopausal symptoms, PMS, symptoms of andropause, PMS, loss of sex drive, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, weight gain and many other common causes associated with hormonal imbalance.
  • Compounding pharmacy is used to prepare an individualized prescription

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Program:
  • Nutritional supplementation with highest quality ingredients
  • Meal plan recommendations that focus on low-glycemic-index meals
  • Body composition testing
  • Incorporating appropriate levels of physical activity/exercise

Are You Experiencing...
  • Fatigue?
  • Decreased sense of well-being?
  • Mood Swings?
  • Reduced muscle mass?
  • Reduced sex drive?
  • Decreased memory and concentration?
  • Increased body fat?
  • Poor sleep quality?
  • Depression?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be a candidate for natural hormone replacement therapy (bio-identical hormone).
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